“Best of Friends” by Jae-Ha Kim

In just 128 pages, this juicy paperback springs so much Friends trivia on you you’ll be lousy with the stuff. The factoids come atcha in the form of quizzes, early-years episode recaps and even photo captions. Author Jae-Ha Kim exposes her obsession with NBC’s last true “must-see” TV hit, at the same time drawing out our own obsessions.

“Ed” — Matt LeBlanc’s New Movie a Chimp Off the Old Block

“Ed” is a cute movie about a minor league baseball player who learns about love, respect and self-confidence from his chimpanzee teammate. If you can’t get past this premise, don’t bother going to see the comedy, featuring “Friends” star Matt LeBlanc (as the pitcher, not the chimp), ’cause it doesn’t get any more real than that.