Korean festival a cultural celebration

Kimchee, anyone? For those hankering for some authentic Korean food in a casual environment, the eighth annual Korean Street Festival is the perfect place to get a taste of Korea. The organizers hope to better last year’s turnout of 30,000 attendees, especially since 2003 marks the centennial of the first Korean immigrants in the United States.

Bruce Lee — Urban Legend

Two decades before Jet Li and DMX joined forces for “Cradle 2 the Grave”–which opens Friday–Bruce Lee was kicking it with Jim Kelly in “Enter the Dragon.” Back then, pairing an Asian-American martial arts star (Lee was born in the United States and raised in Hong Kong) with a black karate champ-turned-actor was a novelty. These days, it’s good business to keep faith with the audience that first embraced martial arts films in the United States–African Americans.

Martial arts flair made in Chicago

Crouching tiger, not-so-hidden Madonna. That’s the vibe Madonna wanted for the “Sky Fits Heaven” number of her Drowned World Tour. Never mind she had never taken a kung fu, tae kwon do or karate class.

Five questions with Ho-Sung Pak

Ho-Sung Pak went from portraying a Ninja Turtle to choreographing the kung fu segments for Madonna’s current tour. As co-owner of martial arts gym Pow! in the West Loop, Pak splits his time between L.A. and Chicago.

Good and Evil Clash In `Mortal Kombat,’ which topped weekend movie sales with $23 million

The producers of “Mortal Kombat” know that the strength of their movie is based on the actors’ abilities to execute awesome roundhouse kicks, not soliliquies. So it’s not surprising that the sci-fi action-adventure, which opened Friday and totaled $23 million nationwide over the weekend, is heavy on fight scenes, low on plot.