5 Top Tips for Tyke Trips

I am really lucky. My son has been a great traveler from the get-go, whether we’re flying or taking a looooooooong road trip. My husband and I started taking him on trips with us when he was a baby, and I believe that helped him adapt easily to being on the road. Traveling with children doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Sure, changes of environment can be tough, but bringing the comforts of home with you can make a tremendous difference.

‘Apart’ part was Tate’s for the taking

Larenz Tate has the kind of smile that makes you believe anything he says. Sitting in a suite at the Ritz-Carlton downtown, the 27-year-old actor flashes it often as he talks. “Yeah, I think Vin [Diesel] loved my smile,” he says, jokingly. “That’s how I got the role.”