When your child “loses”

As we were walking home from school, I listened as some of the children voiced their opinions as to who should (and should not) have been elected to student council. According to my chatty informants, one little girl’s older sister wrote her speech for her. Another boy’s father re-wrote his. Gleefully, they named names. “How do you know this?” I asked. And the kids said that the winners told them so. (You have to love children’s honesty!)

Circle of life

He and his baby cousin will never have any memories of my father. And when I think about that, it breaks my heart — not just because my father missed out on meeting them, but because they didn’t get the chance to be loved by him.

Walking on sunshine

In about a decade, I predict that our ‘hood will be filled with angst, as childhood friends look at each other as possible romantic interests. Nooooooooooooo! But, for now, these kids are good friends whose affections aren’t complicated by gender or jealousy.