Go Away With … Nancy O’Dell

“My favorite memories are of my children and my husband walking along the beaches searching for seashells and sea creatures,” says “Entertainment Tonight” host and Evine fashion designer Nancy O’Dell. “It seems so simple, but we do this on every Hawaii or beach trip and we love it. It just makes me happy to think of it. I could probably make 10 scrapbooks alone of all the beautiful things from nature we have found on the beach.”

Go Away With … Elliott Yamin

Elliott Yamin says there’s something special about getting to stay home every now and again, especially since he has purchased a new house in Los Angeles. “I have a big, beautiful house that I never really get to see,” says the 30-year-old former “American Idol” contestant. “Sometimes it feels like I’m on vacation when I just get to sit on my sofa and hang out in front of my TV. But I will say that the thought of a really great, relaxing vacation can get me off my butt in no time because I really do love to travel. I love every part of it. Getting the chance to see the world is just an amazing perk of my job. It’s great.”

Go Away With … Rob Thomas

Born in West Germany on a U.S. military base, Rob Thomas was born to travel. The frontman for Matchbox Twenty, Thomas also collaborated with Carlos Santana (he was the voice of the hit single “Smooth”) and is currently finishing up a U.S. tour to promote his second solo album “Cradlesong.” After that he’ll head off to Australia in February to perform concerts there. “My first time out of the country was to Australia,” says Thomas, 37. “Every first trip is fun, but after you’ve visited a few times, you get the lay of the land down and find favorite spots. Each spot gets better every trip.”