Don’t open the door, Keanu!

If you’re a fan of Keanu Reeves and/or horror films, you may be interested in checking out “Knock Knock,”which will be in stores on Dec. 8, 2015. And guess what? In conjunction with Lions Gate Entertainment, I’ve giving away 5 copies of the DVD. #WinWithJae

Camping or Korean food? It’s a no brainer!

See this picture here? It’s from the first time I went camping. I know what you’re thinking: “But Jae, you don’t seem like the camping type.” I’m not. But at the time, I was dating a great guy and he loved camping. How great of a guy was he? So great that I passed up the opportunity to fly to Los Angeles to interview Keanu Reeves.

Nudity in the media

Mark Ruffalo appears nude in “In the Cut.” Sean Penn bares all in “21 Grams.” And Ewan McGregor — Obi-Wan Kenobi himself — shows off his lightsaber in “Young Adam.” “It’s about time that men are stripping down,” Neve Campbell says in the current issue of In Style. “If we have to take it off, they should too.” Hallejuah, sister.

Much-improved Dogstar rocks at free concert

A couple of words about Dogstar. No, Keanu Reeves doesn’t sing. And yes, the band can play. At a free, 45-minute concert at the House of Blues Monday night, the three-man group rocked hard onstage, lending a punky edge to the material. Much of Dogstar’s set list was culled from “Happy Ending,” its newly released U.S. debut album.

Keanu Reeves: Not your everyday pop band

“The Watcher,” America’s No. 1 film, isn’t the the only project where Keanu Reeves shuns top billing.
He’s been doing it for years in the rock band Dogstar. The star of “The Matrix” is very aware that his status as an actor will overpower anything that his formidable band Dogstar accomplishes.

State of being single not a sickness

I realize that no one’s going to mistake me for Tyra Banks and that Keanu Reeves probably won’t be knocking on my door any time soon with an engagement ring (although a girl can always dream). But I’ve got a good career going, my mental health is stable and I’m debt-free. In some countries, I would be considered a good catch.

Catching up to Keanu

If you think that cute guy you saw heading into Tempo last week looked a lot like Keanu Reeves, there’s a good chance that it was. Reeves has returned to Chicago to film “Hardball.” He first made his presence in the Windy City known four years ago when he shot “Chain Reaction.” You can bet that he’ll be out and about in the city this time around, too.

Dogstar at Park West

You’ve got to hand it to Dogstar. It’s not easy being taken seriously when the media-and even some fans-don’t really want you to be. But the trio-which includes movie star Keanu Reeves on bass-was well-prepared for its one-hour concert Wednesday night at the Park West. Debuting 15 songs from their upcoming album, “Happy Ending,” the musicians’ aggressive set was a vast improvement over their 1995 Chicago debut at the same venue. Back then, Dogstar appeared tentative and somewhat cowed by the adulation aimed at their famous bassist. This time around, they confidently served up catchy songs with muscular rhythms and strong hooks.

Myrtle Beach Gets the Blues

Golf tees may seem like a strange souvenir to hawk at a rock ‘n’ roll club.  But when the nigthclub is nestled in the heart of Myrtle Beach, S.C., it makes sense.

Beck roars out in Metro opener

Envy those who have tickets to this solid, eclectic sold-out concert. If ever there was a male waif, it’s Beck Hansen. Thin and slight, his frame gives off the misleading impression that he’s a small child playing at being a rock star. But Thursday – in the first of two sold-out nights at Metro – the multitalented musician roared out with confidence and turned in one of his most solid, eclectic sets. Beck’s music personifies what now has become a generic definition for “alternative.”

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