Go Away With … April Star Davis

Jewelry designer April Star Davis has created pieces worn onscreen and off by celebs such as Jennifer Garner, Justin Timberlake and Kate Moss. But one of her proudest accomplishments was founding Designers 4 Africa, which helps nonprofit groups raise funds for those needing aid in Africa. Davis recently traveled to Uganda to teach HIV positive widows how to create their own jewelry — work they can do while caring for their children.

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I’ve interviewed tons of interesting people for my work. Here’s an archived list of some of them, including Matt Damon, David Bowie, Viggo Mortensen and Venus Williams.

Richard Marx: Right here waiting, as usual

If anyone is in on the joke, it’s Richard Marx. Grammy Award winner, hot producer-songwriter and all-around good guy, the Chicago native knows why some people don’t like him. “Nobody gets the joke more than me,” says Marx, who resides on the North Shore with his wife, dancer-actress-singer Cynthia Rhodes, and their three boys. “When I first started out, I had credibility because my songs were played on rock radio and Joe Walsh was playing guitar on it. Then within a year, I became the anti-Christ.”

Justin sheds a band; Christina sheds inhibitions

Bye, bye, bye ‘N Sync. Hello Justin Timberlake. With his debut solo album “Justified,” Timberlake has set the ball in motion for a promising career sans J.C., Joey, Lance and Chris. With his current tour, which also features fellow former Mouseketeer Christina Aguilera, Timberlake is showing a more grownup side.

‘N Sync shoots for stars but misses

It’s obvious ‘N Sync has spent quite a bit of money on its tour. In the first of two consecutive nights Thursday at the Allstate Arena, the world’s most popular boy band captured its young audience’s attention with a series of flashy explosions, a handful of costume changes and a slew of hit songs. Still, something was lacking from this concert. Or, perhaps it wasn’t that the boys were missing anything but that they were trying to do too much.

‘N Sync’s Lance Bass ‘On the Line’ in his first film

Envy me, girls. I am in Lance Bass’s hotel room and guess what? He happens to be here, too.
Never mind that we’re surrounded by his assistant, makeup artist, a handful of publicists and a photographer. I think I saw love in his eyes. OK, maybe it was just the sunlight reflecting from the windows of the W Hotel on Lake Shore Drive. But the point is, Bass–one-fifth of the phenomenally popular boy band ‘N Sync–is so charming he can even make cranky reporters smile.

‘N Sync’s formula pays off

Let’s get this out in the open now: I am three times older and twice as tall as many of the ‘N Sync fans who attended the band’s sold-out show Tuesday night at the Route 66 Raceway in Joliet. I do not listen to their records at home. Nor do I own any of their collectible dolls, T-shirts or posters. But once or twice a year, when the Sun-Times sends me out to review their concerts, darned if I don’t end up having a good time.

Britney Spears’ proved the pop singer’s “it” factor

It would be a fair assumption to say that the vocal male contingent at Britney Spears’ sold-out concert Wednesday night at Allstate Arena wanted her in a big way. Get in line buddies. The 18-year-old princess of pop is pen pals with Prince William and rumored to be setting up house with ‘N Sync hottie Justin Timberlake.

‘N Sync in charge on `Strings’

On their second album, “No Strings Attached,” the members of ‘N Sync get down and even a little dirty. But is that such a good idea? Do we really want to hear them shout out “Ho, ho, ho!” on the rambunctious “Just Got Paid,” and wonder if they’re repeating Santa’s mantra or are referring to that other kind of ‘ho?

‘N Sync knows how to keep the young fans interested in a live performance – the choreography was smooth

Who knew that the ‘N Sync crowd would be familiar with the Beatles, much less the Sugarhill Gang? But when photos of the former were flashed on a screen above the stage Friday night at the Rosemont Horizon, the young crowd gave a knowledgeable ovation to the Fab Four.

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