“A Little Trip To Heaven”

Moody dialogue, drab lighting, and characters who aren’t quite who they say they are pepper the indie film z’A Little Trip To Heaven.” Starring Forest Whitaker as Holt (an insurance investigator looking into a man’s suspicious death), and Julia Stiles as Isolde (the frightened and sketchy sister of the deceased), A Little Trip’s destination actually is closer to hell than heaven.

Not much of anything to ‘Guy Thing’

There are a few stereotypes which neither sex seems to mind perpetuating. Men are deathly afraid of marriage. A bachelor party isn’t complete without strippers. It’s better to take chances than settle for a middle-class life. Each of these elements plays a component in the plot developments (such as they are) of the comedy “A Guy Thing,” but none of them are fleshed out in a manner that’s even vaguely interesting, much less plausible.