Go Away With … Jamie Kennedy

Comedian Jamie Kennedy is used to getting laughs in the United States, thanks to his work in the “Scream” films and his TV show “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment.” But making foreign audiences laugh wasn’t something he felt confident he could accomplish. That is, until he went to the Philippines. “It was amazing to see that the 5,000 people in the audience not only understood exactly what I was saying, but they also got my humor,” says Kennedy, 38. “Clearly they were all smarter than I am. I can barely speak one language much less two.”

Jackie Chan is dressed for success

Though Jackie Chan is hesitant to show off his dexterous martial arts moves when he’s not on set filming, he’s game for just about anything else. Last week, the popular actor helped Fox news anchor Tamron Hall celebrate her birthday by presenting her with a cake. Later that day when a reporter asked him to sing, he broke into a pitch perfect rendition of “Always on My Mind” that was more Willie Nelson than Elvis Presley.

A sober ‘Party of Five’: Fox series examines alcoholism

There is a moment in tonight’s episode of “Party of Five” when Bailey Salinger (Scott Wolf) stares vacantly at his brother and sisters as they confront him about a drinking problem he doesn’t believe he has. Sallow and dazed, he looks like a hollow shell of the ruddy teen who took it upon himself to keep the orphaned family together three seasons ago.

Going to the Chapel: “Party of Five” Wedding Not Just a Gimmick

Tonight’s wedding episode of “Party of Five” is a must-see for fans of this struggling Fox series. While TV nuptials generally are ploys to boost sagging ratings, this episode stands out for the way it handles the complex relationship between Charlie Salinger (Matthew Fox) and Kirsten Bennett (Paula Devicq).