Go Away With … Rick Braun

Musician Rick Braun says, “I speak some German, but I can be lost. A third-grader can leave me in the dust. I was the MVP of the Rod Stewart tour in 1989, though, when we got to Germany ‘cause I could communicate. I was the hero. “

Go Away With … Brian Culbertson

Three years ago, musician Brian Culbertson and his wife started the Napa Valley Jazz Getaway. “It’s what I call a lifestyle event where you come in for several days and listen to great jazz concerts, enjoy meals and hang out late at night,” says Culbertson, who splits his time between the West Coast and Chicago.

Go Away With … Sinbad

On his latest project “Sinbad: It’s Just Family,” the comedian takes a stab at reality television. The 54-year-old actor let the WE tv cameras into his home to tape the reality of life in his household. The stars of the show also include his wife Meredith Fuller (whom he divorced and remarried) and their two grown children.

Go Away With … Dave Koz

“I rarely have bad experiences traveling,” Dave Kox says. “However even if there are travel nightmares, I always feel blessed to be able to see and experience new things. It’s what keeps me always coming back for more.”