Go Away With … Carlos Mencia

Best known for his comedy series “Mind of Mencia” and roles in films such as “The Heartbreak Kid,” Carlos Mencia works nonstop. Whether he’s writing standup material, new skits or developing film ideas, Mencia says he often is wary of taking a few days off because he doesn’t want to get in the “vacation mode” — unless he’s heading for Maui. “It is the closest to paradise a living person can hope for,” says the 42-year-old comic.

Go Away With … James Blake

As a child, James Blake suffered from scoliosis. The budding tennis star had two choices: surgery, to correct the curvature of his spine, or a back brace. Because the former meant he would have to give up the sport, he opted for the brace — which he took off only for tennis practice. An economics student at Harvard, Blake dropped out after two years to play on the pro circuit. At 29, he is one of America’s best tennis players. He will compete in the U.S. Open, which runs Aug. 31 through Sept. 13. Blake — who has dabbled in modeling — also collaborated with his sponsor Fila on his new line of clothing, which he named after his late father: Thomas Reynolds. For more information on Blake and his line of athletic wear, visit www.fila.com.

Go Away With … Vineyard Vines’ Shep Murray

Shep Murray saw a good chunk of the world early on in his life, thanks to his parents — both of whom were travel writers. Eleven years ago when he and his younger brother, Ian, founded Vineyard Vines — a line of clothing and accessories that evokes a crisp, preppy vibe — the siblings kept their travels in mind.

Go Away With … Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett remembers what it was like watching famous actors check into the hotel where he worked. “There were tons of them coming in and out for work or to just get in a short vacation,” says Bennett, 28. “There was this A-list actress who needed a hairdryer brought to her room. I about lost it when she opened the door.”

Go Away With … Torry Castellano

After almost 16 years together, the Donnas are still going strong with their hard-rocking live shows. Their latest album, “Bitchin’,” proves that this group hasn’t lost its punk roots or its feverish love of rock. The band, which owes more to the Ramones than it does to the Runaways, includes lead singer Brett Anderson, guitarist Allison Robertson, bassist Maya Ford and drummer Torry Castellano, who says that thanks to years of touring, the band has gotten to see a good chunk of the world — a perk of their job.

Go Away With…Phil Collen

Phil Collen doesn’t need a chauffeur. After finishing an interview at a Los Angeles radio station, he jumps behind the wheel of his own car, gets directions and heads onto I-405. “I love living in California,” says the guitarist for the British band Def Leppard. “The weather is beautiful every single day. Sure the traffic can be spotty, but it’s a small price to pay for the lifestyle.”

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