Touring the Trendy Side Of California Hot Spots

The Cat & Fiddle is easily my favorite L.A. hangout. Trendy, but not snooty, this pub and restaurant is one of the places to be seen this. People have a difficult time remembering what it’s called – I’ve heard Fiddle Dee Dee, Cat in the Hat and Cat in the Fiddle – but in a city filled with poseur clubs, the Cat & Fiddle stands out as winner. There’s a lush courtyard filled with trees that makes patrons feel they’ve walked onto the set of a Robin Hood movie. A couple of big bikers work the door, politely asking to see IDs. The beautiful people start heading in around 11:30 p.m. Did I see anyone famous there? No, but it was worth the trip to see a smashing Bjorn Borg-lookalike romp around in lederhosen.