Can you steer clear of the SAT? Some students work around a test many deplore

Here’s how Katharine Callard outsmarted the SATs: She chose a college that didn’t require them. That’s right: She didn’t sweat those SAT prep classes, and she got into Hampshire College anyway. Of course, as a straight-A student at the top-notch Latin School of Chicago, Callard had a pretty good idea of her ability to do well in college.

`Emperor’ star Maggie Han has leg up on other actresses

Maggie Han has a leg up on other actresses in Hollywood. While she waits for suitable acting roles, she doesn’t have to wait on tables to supplement her income. The Korean actress-model is the spokeswoman for L’eggs Shear Elegance pantyhose. “It’s nice to have that to fall back on,” Han said in a telephone interview from her Westwood, Calif., apartment.