Go Away With … Harry J. Lennix

Besides co-starring in Joss Whedon’s critically acclaimed series “Dollhouse,” Harry Lennix has a thriving career in films (“State of Play,” “Ray” and “The Matrix” sequels). Newly married and living in Los Angeles, Lennix, 44, is an avid traveler for work and play. Though he has been to Europe, Australia and South Africa, Lennix has fond memories of Eureka Springs, Ark., where he shot the 2004 Billy Bob Thornton movie “Chrystal.”

As for one of his favorite new hangouts? The Wild Turkey in Junction, Texas. Be sure to ask for Rosie or Cesar.

“Stomp the Yard”

At its core, “Stomp the Yard” is a romantic drama disguised as a dance film. Or is it the other way around? DJ (Columbus Short) is a troubled teen from Los Angeles who gets a chance for a better life when he is admitted into Atlanta’s privileged Truth University. Just when he thought he had escaped a life of gangs, DJ finds himself in the middle of a “war” between two upper-crust fraternities where stepping (a popular dance form) is their weapon of choice.

Speaking with Harry Lennix

If you attended Perkins Bass Elementary School in Chicago, you may remember a substitute teacher named Mr. Lennix. That’s Harry Lennix to you. After appearing on “E.R.” and “The Practice” on television and in films such as “Clockers” and “Mo’ Money,” the former South Sider who now resides in Los Angeles has co-starring roles in the upcoming sequels to “The Matrix.”