Trick or Treat

A few years ago, a whole family began showing up at our house. It just seemed odd to me, especially since none of them were in costume. Then it hit me. Perhaps they were hungry and realized they could get free food (albeit candy) one day a year without getting too much flack from people.

Gourds with fangs? Yes, please!

Nothing says Halloween like gourds with fangs, yes? 😉 While my son was in Korean school, my husband decided to decorate some of them. We used to buy gourds every year around this time, but this fall, we didn’t have to. Thanks to our composting efforts, literally dozens of gourds (and full-size pumpkins) turned up in our garden. What a pleasant surprise!

Horror at hand

So, all you have to look forward to this Halloween week is handing out crummy candy to the neighborhood rugrats. Where’s your treat? Fear not, we’ve ferreted out some of the best (and worst) video games to give you great big goosebumps.