A rose by any other name would smell as sweet

Every time my son goes out to mow the lawn with his father, he takes a short break to bring me something. He usually waits at the bottom of the stairs and says, “Mommy! I have a surprise for you.” It might be a pretty rock he found. More than likely, it’s a flower from our garden.

My mother’s shoes

Every year, I go to the Coach store and buy my mother a scarf, or a handbag, or a wallet, or a hat, or a pair of shoes — things she likes, but would never buy for herself. She tells me often that the only nice clothes she owns are the ones I bought for her. This isn’t entirely true. My siblings have given her some lovely things or gifted her with money to buy whatever she wants. But it is true that the two of us have gone shopping together the most.

Avoid June ruin, study this wedding etiquette refresher

It’s June. So chances are you’re invited to a wedding, will be attending a wedding or are in a wedding. It’s a confusing time for all of us, especially if we’re not sure we’re even invited. To help make this a less trying time all around, we’ve come up with some do’s and don’ts to help keep this joyous occasion relatively stress-free.