Sorry, Sorry

• At 4, I wondered what a chink bitch was.
• At 5, I came home from kindergarten singing, “Chink-a-chink-a Chinaman, sitting on a fence.”
• At 6, I watched in horror as a blond boy called my father a motherfucking gook.

Sometimes you make the right choice; other times someone calls the police on you

I know I write a lot about my father, but this post is really about me and some of the (not-so-good) choices I’ve made. It took me a long time to get to where I am today. But I finally grew up enough to make some smart choices.

Walking on sunshine

In about a decade, I predict that our ‘hood will be filled with angst, as childhood friends look at each other as possible romantic interests. Nooooooooooooo! But, for now, these kids are good friends whose affections aren’t complicated by gender or jealousy.

“Girlfriends” — Fifth Season

A pregnancy, career change, and the unraveling of a relationship are front and center on the fifth season of “Girlfriends.” The sitcom, which is executive-produced by Kelsey Grammer, takes a more serious approach this year. Yes, the jokes and physical comedy are all still here.