Do you need any help?

There is a concept in tort law called “duty to rescue,” where a party can be held liable for failing to help a person who is in peril. It was the basis of a plot line in the season finale of “Seinfeld.” It kind of boggles my mind that there needs to be a law to cover this. At what point does a person take it upon themselves to help a stranger who may be in need?

Ladies first

My son is learning the concept of, “Ladies first.” We’ve been telling him that as he grows up, it’s polite to let girls and ladies go first. And that everyone should let the elderly go ahead of them.

Avoid June ruin, study this wedding etiquette refresher

It’s June. So chances are you’re invited to a wedding, will be attending a wedding or are in a wedding. It’s a confusing time for all of us, especially if we’re not sure we’re even invited. To help make this a less trying time all around, we’ve come up with some do’s and don’ts to help keep this joyous occasion relatively stress-free.