“The Rebel”

By Jae-Ha Kim Amazon.com Janaury 5, 2009 A fast-paced, beautifully executed film, The Rebel works hard at being an epic martial arts picture set in 1920’s French-occupied Vietnam. While that may sound like a bit much, director Truc Charlie Nguyen does a formidable job creating a plausible scenario with some awesome fighting sequences. While not […]

Dustin Nguyen `jumped’ into a bonus – Star is `lucky to be alive’

In 1975, actor Dustin Tri Nguyen and his family escaped Vietnam during the fall of Saigon at the end of the war. His best friend wasn’t so lucky. The Viet Cong killed him. “A lot of people say I’m so fortunate to be on a hit TV series. But when you put things into perspective, I’m just lucky to be alive. Being an actor is a bonus. Being on a series where controversial topics are addressed is an actor’s dream.”