Split ends: Celebrity prenuptial agreements

Divorce attorney to the stars Raoul Felder once said a celebrity who doesn’t draw up a prenuptial agreement needs a psychiatrist, not a lawyer. After all, if your net worth was $32 million, would you marry a guy whose car was repossessed? OK, but say you’re Britney Spears and you really, really want to marry backup dancer Kevin Federline and think this love will last 4-ever!

A fly spy: “Undercover Brother”

The opening of “Undercover Brother” perfectly sets the tone for this comedy. Driving a vintage Cadillac, Undercover Brother has one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding a filled-to-the-rim drink. As the car executes a few 360-degree spins to avoid a car crash, our cool hero has a smile plastered on his face and not a hair of his retro ‘fro out of place. Not a drop of the soft drink spills on the car’s upholstery.