“Las Vegas” — Season 3

Equal parts drama, slapstick comedy, and soap opera, this third season of Las Vegas is all fun. Welcome to the Montecito, a casino and hotel that’s so desirable that the only thing more attractive than its clientele is its smoking-hot staff. Each episode contains some kind of crime–a victim whose kidney was stolen, a woman pretending to be a deceased man’s fiancée, an employee who chops off his own finger and serves it up in a shrimp cocktail. That kind of thing.

Hip-hoppers go to Harvard in dopey ‘How High’

The film features hip-hop stars Method Man and Redman as a pair of pot-smoking fiends who find refuge at Harvard University. The catch is they have to maintain a 2.0 average to remain there, and without studying, they can do this only with the aid of a friendly ghost who appears when they smoke joints rolled with his ashes.

Superman, After Hours : Dean Cain Tells Celeb Hobbies

People who question whether the Man of Steel is invincible have to check out “Off Camera With Dean Cain” at 7 tonight; on WLS-Channel 7. It’s not kryptonite that foils Cain – the man in tights on ABC’s “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” which airs at 7 p.m. Sundays on WLS-Channel 7 – but rather a quick soccer shootout with Andrew Shue. That’s right – the milquetoast Billy on “Melrose Place.” “Soccer is not my forte,” said Cain, laughing. “Even if it was, Andrew still probably would’ve kicked my butt.”