“CSI: Miami” — Season 4

A marriage, a murder, and a mole all play relevant roles in the fourth season of CSI: Miami. Easily the most stylistic show in the CSI franchise, the series stars David Caruso (NYPD Blue) as Horatio Caine, the lead investigator with the Miami Police Department. With his black clothing, Caine stands out in a sea of pastel-clad colleagues that include ballistics expert Calleigh Dusquene (Emily Procter), underwater recovery whiz Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez), and medical examiner Alexx Woods (Khandi Alexander).

“CSI: Miami” — Season 5

The fifth season of CSI: Miami begins with revenge: Lead CSI Horatio Caine (David Caruso) and underwater recovery whiz Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) travel to Brazil to avenge the murder of Horatio’s wife Marisol (who was Eric’s sister). While there, Horatio also helps his sister-in-law and nephew after his brother is murdered by drug lords. (Never mind that the crime-fighting duo seem to have carte blanche to do as they like in a foreign country.) The scenes are beautifully shot and the rhythm of the first few episodes are reminiscent of classic Miami Vice.

“CSI: New York” — Season 2

The CSI franchise continues to thrive with the second season of “CSI: NY,” which aired on CBS during the 2005-2006 season. The kickoff episode is filled with lots of drama–but not much suspense–as the investigators delve into the death of a jewelry designer who is found wearing an $8 million diamond bra. The other case involves the shooting of a thrill seeker who is killed while climbing up a skyscraper.