Go Away With … Col. Chris Hadfield

“Travel has always been such an important part of my life,” says Canadian astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield. “It has been wonderful to have been around the world multiple times and to have seen the whole thing. It has been one long whirlwind vacation.” Well versed in social media, Hadfield, 54, had a strong following of science fans before he went up in space. But he garnered the attention of millions of music fans when he released his rendition of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” on YouTube, which was recorded from the International Space Station during his last mission earlier this year. The video went viral and earned kudos from no less than Bowie himself.

Interviews (Celebrity Index)

I’ve interviewed tons of interesting people for my work. Here’s an archived list of some of them, including Matt Damon, David Bowie, Viggo Mortensen and Venus Williams.

Hark! Arc Angels flying in for New Year’s Eve show

“I wave a banner for Charlie (Sexton),” David Bowie said, calling from Liverpool, England. “I like him a lot. He’s a good kid and very talented. Yes, he’s very pretty, but he didn’t need to be oversold. (MCA) saw him as a one-man Duran Duran, which was a big mistake. Charlie’s a blues boy and that’s where he really shines. Arc Angels probably is the best thing for him at this point in his career.”

Tin Machine gives its singer power to be Simply Bowie

It has been a long time since David Bowie has felt this good about himself. The former David Robert Jones, Ziggy Stardust and Thin White Duke has carved out a new musical niche without creating a new persona to play it out. Bowie is in Liverpool, England, on this day, congenially promoting his group, Tin Machine. He’s newly engaged to the model Iman, and sips on a cup of hot tea, his substance of choice these days. Mentally scanning his flamboyant 25-year career, he comes to the conclusion that his life, as that of most musicians, would make a boring film.

Sexton trades country for rock

“I was your typical bossy older brother,” Charlie Sexton said, laughing. “But Will really loved music. Soon after learning bass, he switched over to play lead guitar, too. I tell him a little bit of what I learned, but he’s my younger brother and I don’t want to give him a hard time. So I usually wait until he asks for my advice before I go butting into his life.”