Go Away With … Craig Hurley

When Craig Hurley was in his early 20s, he seemed headed for stardom. Handsome, talented and one of the stars of a heavily hyped network series, films seemed like the next natural progression. But as detailed in his no-holds-barred book “27 And All Washed Up” (available at www.craighurley.tv), that’s not how Hurley’s career turned out.

Go Away With … Katie Barberi

Born in Mexico and raised in the United States, actress-singer Katie Barberi fondly recalls a childhood where her family moved to dozens of cities in both countries to accommodate her parents’ careers. “I loved it,” says Barberi, 40. “I’m sure my love of travel is tied to all the different places we lived.”

Elmhurst’s Craig Hurley hoping `Nasty Boys’ boosts career

Craig Hurley had studied various acting techniques before he landed a starring role on NBC’s “Nasty Boys,” but none of his classes prepared him for what took place during the first week of rehearsals. A group of black-garbed men burst into the actors’ rehearsal room, threw them down on the floor, handcuffed them and read them their rights. Actors, meet the real Nasty Boys, an elite unit of the North Las Vegas Police Department trained to deal with criminals in an efficient, if unorthodox, manner.