Go Away With … Eric Van Lustbader

Born and raised in Greenwich Village, N.Y., author Eric Van Lustbader once lived in the same building as Lauren Bacall. Two years after Robert Ludlum died in 2001, Lustbader was chosen by Ludlum’s estate to continue the popular Jason Bourne series. The latest is “The Bourne Dominion” (Grand Central Publishing, $27.99). Lustbader counts Paris, Venice and New York — where he resides with his wife — amongst his favorite cities.

Go Away With … Michio Kaku

Born in San Jose, Calif., and currently residing in Manhattan, scientist Michio Kaku enjoys traveling with his wife. “One of my favorite places is Germany,” says Dr. Kaku, 63. “In its glory days prior to World War II, it was ranked No. 1 in science and is known as the place that gave birth to modern quantum theory. For a scientist, it’s about as close as you could get to a sacred site.” A leading theoretical physicist, Kaku is the host of the Science Channel’s weekly “Sci Fi Science.