Go Away With … Kathy Benziger Threlkeld

Kathy Benziger Threlkeld knows her wine. The 44-year-old Sonoma, Calif., resident is a partner in the family business: Benziger Family Winery. An avid traveler who enjoys destinations that offer both snow and beachfront views, she picks a Wisconsin resort as her all-time favorite hotel.

Go Away With … Steven Raichlen

For his latest book, “Planet Barbecue” (Workman Publishing, $35), master griller Steven Raichlen traveled to 60 countries to see for himself how grilling is done in places such as South Korea, Uruguay and South Africa. With his first-hand knowledge, he put together more than 300 barbecue recipes that are eclectic yet basic enough for the average home griller to follow. The 57-year-old chef describes his life as spending “half the year in Miami, half the year in Martha’s Vineyard and half the year on airplanes. No wonder I’m so tired.”

Go Away With … Joe Manganiello

While “Twilight” fans may refer to themselves as Team Edward or Team Jacob, “True Blood” aficionados are all about the new werewolf in town: Alcide Herveaux. Joe Manganiello plays the sexy lycanthrope in the third season of the vampire series, which airs on HBO. (The first two seasons of the drama are available on DVD on HBO Home Video.) Born and raised in the Pittsburgh area, the 33-year-old actor who once earned a living as a roadie for the rock band Goldfinger now calls Los Angeles home. As for his next destination, Europe, where he has never visited, is calling him.

Go Away With … Zade

After the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, Jordanian pianist Zade Dirani — who is known simply as Zade — began a grassroots effort to let the world know that what the hijackers did was not representative of his people or religion. His four-year tour included performances in synagogues, churches, community centers and homes, as well as the more traditional concert venues.

Go Away With … Aaron Zigman

Aaron Zigman’s music isn’t as flashy as the designer wardrobe that Sarah Jessica Parker wears in “Sex and the City 2” — opening in theaters on May 27. But his score does set the tone for the film, whether Carrie and her girls are in New York City or gallivanting around the world. Based out of Los Angeles, the 47-year-old composer (whose previous work includes “The Notebook” and “The Proposal”) talks about his own love of traveling, whether it’s to Paris or Charleston, S.C.

Go Away With…Phil Collen

Phil Collen doesn’t need a chauffeur. After finishing an interview at a Los Angeles radio station, he jumps behind the wheel of his own car, gets directions and heads onto I-405. “I love living in California,” says the guitarist for the British band Def Leppard. “The weather is beautiful every single day. Sure the traffic can be spotty, but it’s a small price to pay for the lifestyle.”

Rocking and rolling through the hippest happenings in L.A.

Make fun of their laid-back lifestyle, their aversion to walking (outside of a gym) and their quest for the perfect tans, but Los Angelinos know how to have a great time, day or night. In between working out with her personal trainer and attending spinning classes (a bizarre execise craze where a bicycle is involved), my friend, Leah, took me on a tour of her city where we ferreted out some of the most fun places to eat, shop and listen to music. Come along for the ride – with the top down, of course.

Touring the Trendy Side Of California Hot Spots

The Cat & Fiddle is easily my favorite L.A. hangout. Trendy, but not snooty, this pub and restaurant is one of the places to be seen this. People have a difficult time remembering what it’s called – I’ve heard Fiddle Dee Dee, Cat in the Hat and Cat in the Fiddle – but in a city filled with poseur clubs, the Cat & Fiddle stands out as winner. There’s a lush courtyard filled with trees that makes patrons feel they’ve walked onto the set of a Robin Hood movie. A couple of big bikers work the door, politely asking to see IDs. The beautiful people start heading in around 11:30 p.m. Did I see anyone famous there? No, but it was worth the trip to see a smashing Bjorn Borg-lookalike romp around in lederhosen.

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