The Wallflowers at Metro

Jakob Dylan’s best songs capture the frailties of human nature. On “Breach”–the latest album by his band, the Wallflowers–Dylan goes a step further, allowing fans to explore all the things he was reticent to talk about in the past (e.g. his famous dad, Bob). At a sold-out concert Thursday night at Metro, Dylan led the group through a superb set that showcased the new, paid homage to the old with a faithful rendition of their breakthrough hit “6th Avenue Heartache,” and included a dead-on cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes.”

Spotlight finds a Wallflower

“We did ‘Breach’ as quickly as we could,” says Jakob Dylan, phoning from Los Angeles last week. “The last record came out in 1996, but we were [on tour] until the middle of 1998. I was aware of a lot of time going by [between albums] and I wasn’t happy with that. I took some time off to rest when we got home from touring. But other than that, we got back to work right away.”