“The Beyonce Experience Live”

Though Beyonce Knowles has earned fame as an actress and a spokesmodel, she is first and foremost a singer, as she showcases in the entertaining concert film The Beyonce Experience Live. Polished, effortlessly glamorous, and a strong showman, Knowles is the Diana Ross of the 21st century. The singer-songwriter is equally comfortable belting out a rocking dancing number or crooning a heart-wrenching ballad.


Oddly enough, the audition tape of Jennifer Hudson, who won an Academy Award for her breakthrough role as Effie, is nowhere to be seen. Sure, we all know what a powerhouse she is today. But it would’ve been nice to see what the filmmakers saw in her back then, when her competition included her “American Idol” castmate (and that season’s winner) Fantasia Barrino.

Destiny’s Child

But make no mistake: Though Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland may have started the group, Knowles is the primary destined child. The trio knows it, too. The women recently appeared on the cover of Vibe magazine made up like vintage Supremes. Guess who got to be Diana Ross?