Jacklyn Kim: Wild & Wacky in the Windy City

By Jae-Ha Kim
Chicago Sun-Times
May 15, 2003


AGE: 40


Some women might take offense at being dubbed a Wacky Chick, but Jacklyn Kim revels in it. “I love being wacky and different.” Though she’s employed at one of the city’s most luxurious spas, Jacklyn rarely indulges in manicures and massages. The tiny dynamo–who is almost always clad in New York black–can’t sit still long enough to relax.

Just 5-foot-1–though she’s 3 inches taller when she steps into her trademark platform shoes–this self-proclaimed workaholic marches to her own beat, even on vacation. During a recent trip to Shanghai, Jacklyn caused her tour guide to have a panic attack when she inadvertently strayed from her group.

“If I see a pretty flower, I have to stop and see it in detail. I look at what’s interesting to me. I may get lost, but I’m never worried. I always find my way back.”

Home is a smart space with her two tabby cats, Biscuit and Cookie, who aren’t allowed to go over to her sister’s house.

“There was an incident a few years ago when one of my cats beat up my sister’s dog. It’s better this way.”

Though her parents would love her to marry–even if it’s to a homeless guy her father has to clean up first–Jacklyn refuses to take the plunge before she’s ready.

“I love my life and wake up every morning looking forward to the day’s events. I’m not ready to give that up yet. I can’t do it all, so I’m enjoying it now while I can.”

Potential suitors should know this right now: She doesn’t cook and probably never will.

“There are professional cooks who go to school to do what they do and I’m going to continue supporting them.”

May 15, 2003

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