We’ve gotta have it: The status of status symbols

By Jae-Ha Kim
Chicago Sun-Times
June 22, 2004

It’s not enough these days to have a cool million in the bank and a house in the Hamptons. Now you need that something extra to make your neighbors really take notice. Not sure what to start acquiring first? Here are a few hints to help you get started:

Hummer: Yes, we know they’re not the most stylish of cars, but everyone who’s anyone is all about this vehicle. Off-road or not, the ride isn’t as smooth as, say, a Mercedes. But dahling, luxury cars are so last year. And if you can pay to fill the tank, you’ve got even more cred.

Cristal: Forget about Dom Perignon. Cristal is the champagne for bon vivants who refuse to put a price tag on luxury. If you do, be prepared to drop three digits.

Jacob the Jeweler: Sure, Tiffany & Co. is the place where traditionalists still buy their rings. But if you want that extra bling bling, New York’s Jacob the Jeweler is the man to see. Everyone from Missy Elliott to Jennifer Lopez calls Jacob her jeweler.

Cats in a purse: Move over Fido. Kitty’s taking over now. After years of seeing yappy little dogs nestled in their mistresses’ specially made purses, finally cats are getting the chance to enjoy the bird’s eye view. Meow indeed!

Plasma screen everything: Thought your big-screen TV was awesome? But it’s not plasma, is it? In a case where size finally doesn’t matter, the quality of the picture is much more prestigious than how large the screen is. Now if you’ve got a plasma big-screen TV, you’ve got it made.


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