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Kyle_Jae-Ha Kim

By Jae-Ha Kim
June 6, 2013

Months before Kyle joined our family, I began putting together his wardrobe. Thanks to a friend who used to work at a local Baby Gap store — who would clue me in on their upcoming sales — I was able to stock up on a nice array of clothes without spending too much money.

It’s hard to believe that my days of shopping at Baby Gap are numbered. Kyle is 5 now and probably won’t be able to fit in their clothes much longer. He won’t care. But I will. I bought a lot of firsts for him there: onesies, polo shirts and skinny jeans. For the past four years, Baby Gap has been my go-to store for 80 percent of his daily wear.

Since this may be the last summer he can wear these pieces, I give to you a classic Kyle outfit:

Fedora, swim trunks (Baby Gap)
T-Shirt (Cancun International Airport)
→ Cover-up (Mini Boden)
Sunglasses (Hot Wheels)
Tattoo (Angry Birds)

For the record, I’m normally not a fan of fedoras. But on little kids (and senior citizens),  I think they’re quite jaunty. In a good way.

And, yes. I got everything on sale. Well, almost. I paid full price for the T-shirt during a recent trip to the Riviera Maya. But since we were on a family vacation, that doesn’t really count, does it?

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  1. amijangbaresherseoul says:

    He is the cutest! So well dressed 🙂

  2. brittinbusan says:

    he’s so adorable!!

  3. Shemp DeYoung says:

  4. Jimin Han says:

  5. Jonas L. Paul says:

    So the conclusion I’ve come to after all these musings is that, although I’m bound to think about it now and then, there’s not much point in ‘minding the baby gap’. I can write this blog because I don’t have little ones running around me. I can jump on my bike and cycle over to Camden to meet friends for coffee. I can find a park to sit in and soak up the spring sunshine and I can plan a trip to a friend’s wedding in New York in May. I guess, like anything else in life, it comes down to appreciating where you are and what you do have rather than hankering after something else, which ties in nicely with the topic of accepting our bodies as they are instead of waiting until we look like Cindy Crawford (or whoever our role model is) to start living our lives to the full. God willing, I won’t always have just myself to look after, but in the meantime I can do my best to enjoy the freedom that comes with being 40 and not having children.

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