“Sunday Girl”

Sunday GirlCongratulations to Emmanuel S., Marcus I., Melissa S., Heather M., Ami J., Maureen O., Sophia R., Eric C., Shannon H., Steven A., David R. and Chris T., who each won a copy of Kalliope Lee’s novel, “Sunday Girl.” The winners spanned the globe (the United States, South Korea, Ireland, New Zealand and Singapore). I hope you enjoy your books/e-books! 


For this week’s contest, I’ve teamed up with author Kalliope Lee, an American expat residing overseas in London. She makes her novel debut with “Sunday Girl” (Psychopomp Press)

You may read my full interview with her here.

We’ll be giving away two hard copies of her critically acclaimed novel, “Sunday Girl” AND 10 e-books via smashwords.com.

Set in 1991 Seoul, the book tells the story of two college-age friends struggling to live with the violent attack they both survived.

One of the young women becomes obsessed with the plight of Korea’s “comfort women” — girls who were forced into sexual slavery to serve the Japanese Army during World War II.

The other woman seeks to piece together the story of her past, something her parents had always been evasive about.

“A Korean American author’s reverie on the victims of World War II sexual enslavement has landed in e-book form in the midst of fresh controversy provoked by a Japanese politician’s defense of “comfort women” as necessary for wartime discipline and morale. Kalliope Lee’s “Sunday Girl” is set in Seoul in 1991, decades after the war’s end. It tells the story of two young women who have returned to their birthplace after growing up in the American heartland.” — L.A. Times

All you have to do to be eligible to win this book is one of two things:

1) LIKE my Facebook page. If you don’t want to do that (AND WHY DON’T YOU WANT TO?! ;-)), see No. 2 below.


2) Follow me on Twitter and tweet this message: Follow @GoAwayWithJae & RT to be eligible to #win Kalliope Lee’s SUNDAY GIRL: http://www.jaehakim.com/jae-ha-kim-blog/giveaway/ Good luck! #giveaway #contest

That’s it. Easy peasy, right? (And, yes, everyone who has already liked my FB page is eligible to win as well!)

I’ll pick 12 winners at 9 p.m. CST August 4, 2013.

NOTE: This contest is open to everyone. That means my international peeps have a chance to win, too! (The hard copy books will be sent to you directly from Kalliope’s publicist; I will mail you the e-book codes.)

Good luck! And thanks for stopping by.


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