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By Jae-Ha Kim
August 30, 2010

For my syndicated column “Go Away With…” I always ask the people I profile what items they like to take along on their travels. Here are a few of my favorite standbys that seem to make it on each trip with me (FYI: I’ll be adding to this over time):

Vineyard Vines tote bag: I got one of these about a decade or so ago and have acquired quite the collection since then. At first I thought they were kind of expensive for a tote bag, but I’ve come to realize that they are made to last. I have one that has traveled a good chunk of the world with me and it still looks like new. I once spilled some coffee on it on an airplane and thought it would just look stained for the duration of its life.  But it came out with a little spot cleaning at the kitchen sink. I still travel with it.

Merrell or Mephisto shoes: I am not one of those women who packs a lot of shoes. I like to travel with one carryon bag if I can get away with it. So while I may bring along a pair of fancy heels for dinners, the shoes I like to travel and sightsee in are my Merrells or Mephistos. Whether it’s their sneakers or sandals, I find that I can get away with just one pair. Mephistos have yet to fail me and I’ve only been disappointed with my Merrells once (sandals that lasted less than two years).

iPod Touch: I didn’t like it initially. I was a Palm Pilot fan…but when my Palm finally bit the dust and I saw how much my husband liked his IPod Touch, I decided to get one, too. It keeps a charge for a long time and that’s important. Also, it keeps my toddler entertained. That’s very important, too.

Hoodie: I lost my  favorite hoodie during a trip to Boulder. I left it hanging on my seat at a concert and never saw it again. I still miss it. It was by Theory and was made from a really soft jersey-like fabric. These days, I travel with either my Juicy Couture or Speedo hoodie. No matter how hot it is outside, I need a hoodie. Especially on a cold airplane.

Carmex: I buy their lip balm by the dozen and always keep one in my purse and carryon. Few things drive me as crazy as chapped lips.


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