The Lesson of Logan Paul

By Jae-Ha Kim
September 2, 2017

One of my goals as a mom is to make sure that my child understands that everything on social media lasts forever:

White men have been preternaturally obsessed with trying to emasculate Asian men since forever.

I want my Asian-American son to know:

It is their issue to deal with. Not yours.

There are people who will say such things as a “joke.” They are not your friends.

Just because they have a girlfriend who is half Chinese doesn’t give them a pass to make fun of you for being Asian.

Be kind to everyone, but don’t be fooled by opportunists. They will try to befriend you if you have an ARMY of fans.

Most of all, I want my child to refrain from saying things like this about other people. It’s not clever. It’s not funny. And it makes the person saying it look like an idiot.

Also, I want him to know that he should never take medical or nutritional advice from a Youtube “sensation.” Because…Logan Paul.

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  1. Mila says:

    This idiot!😂 I always wonder why women want to date racists? It’s not like he’s good looking or rich or has anything other than a youtube following to offer. I also wonder about why white men who hate Asian men love Asian women so much. It’s gross.

  2. Anna Liesen says:

    Guys who like “exotic” women and trashtalk the “exotic” men are disgusting POS’s. The women who date them are not much better. I’m talking about you, Logan Paul and Marky Mark.

  3. Lauren Millet says:

    This guy is a Grade A douche. He says those awful things about Asian men and then literally falls at BTS’s feet fawning all over them. He disgusts me!

  4. RM says:

  5. Raquel says:

  6. Lisa B. says:

    He’s been problematic for a while. Also, I can’t believe he’s in his early 20s. He acts like a frat boy but looks like an old man. Bad combo. BTS rule!

  7. RM says:

  8. Babe. says:

  9. Amy says:

    Is this Logan fellow gay? I’m asking in all seriousness. I always wonder if boys who talk about dick all the time aren’t secretly gay. Why else would they be so interested in talking about penis sizes so much?

    • Amma says:

      I think the same thing every time I hear guys talking about their junk. Why are they so obsessed with it? Logan has issues. No one over the age of 12 talks the way he does. He also needs to go take a science class. And take some improv comedy classes as well ’cause he’s not funny and he’s not smart. He’s also not cute. And what’s wrong with Chloe for dating a racist turd? Or maybe she hates Asian guys too. Good, more for me!

  10. Paulette says:

    In his tweet when he congratulated BTS for winning their Billboard Award, he forgot to add, “I like you even though you have small penises!” HOW DARE HE TAKE A PHOTO WITH THEM AFTER SAYING THE THINGS HE HAS SAID? The ARMY is mad!

  11. Timothy Alan Park says:

    I am out of the demographics who knows who this guy is, but after doing a little research, I see that he has a history of saying things like this and hiding behind “humor”. I suppose some would argue that boys will be boys. But has he ever apologized for what he said during his “youth”? He wasn’t 8 or 9 or even 13 when he said this. He was old enough to serve our country in the Armed Forces. He doesn’t get a pass. Also, I’m curious if he told his girlfriend’s father that all Asian men have small penises. I mean, walk the walk, dude. #asshole

  12. Sabrina says:

    So a balding white guy who looks like his face has been bashed into a truck talks smack about Asian men and their penises and thinks he’s being funny? Yawn. He’s a racist. He is jealous. He is a idiot. Interesting how he sucked up to BTS at the BMAs this year. I guess he only likes famous Asian men who might further his career.

  13. Lauren Smith says:

    I don’t usually make fun of people’s looks, but in his case I will make an exception. When someone who is butt ugly tries to make himself appear more than by denigrating another race, it shows his true colors. Logan Paul, if we’re having a penis contest, let me just say that I speak for most women when I say that you could have a porn star sized schlong and that still wouldn’t make up for how ugly you are on the inside and outside. Also, Asian men are first and foremost men. Some have big penises, some have small. Funny how biology works, isn’t it?

  14. First off who is Logan Paul? Second is clear he is jealous of those gorgeous Asian boys. Also come to Asia where I live and see what happens to him spewing his nonsense…

  15. Maria Santos says:

    DUDE! Apologize!

  16. Jae-Ha Kim says:

  17. Bellahk10 says:

  18. Alvin says:

  19. jinnieaesthetic says:

  20. PerfectJoons says:

  21. Shattered says:

  22. Cece says:

  23. WillaJay says:

  24. #BTSCameWithHer 😤 says:

  25. Babe. says:

  26. Tia unicornia says:

  27. Tia unicornia @MhelCarolyne says:

  28. sami says:

  29. sunshineegirl98 says:

  30. JiminsJams says:

    • JiminsJams_95 says:

    • JiminsJams_95 says:

  31. jiminwdym says:

  32. glazedgukkie says:

  33. minnie says:

  34. vanтae | ℋℰℛ 👑‏ says:

    • minnie says:

      • Lara says:

        Did you just look at the picture and tweet that or did you read the entire post? You might want to read before tweeting next time Minnie.

      • Sami says:

        No offense but you’re kind of a jerk. She wrote a wonderful article on our Namjoon, share audio clips from the interview gave us free prizes and newspapers clips and books to BTS fans. You’re not even following her so shut up with your stupid opinion.

      • Marilyn Lynn says:

        Rude much? Do you actually think a professional journalist wants a bunch of fan girls as her followers? I’m army myself but I seriously doubt that someone who meets celebrities all the time is that concerned about gaining followers. If so, she could get Selena Gomez to tell her followers to follow her!

      • Stefan says:

        I don’t think most adults care about followers? Maybe shallow ones like the Kardashians since they get paid by sponsors to advertise their goods on their social media accounts. But what good would followers do for her? I think kids like to show off their popularity by showing they have a lot of followers but it’s not like these followers send her money! LOL!

      • Jae-Ha Kim says:

        • Alexa Moses says:

          yaaaassssss, Jae! Thank you! We know you’re not using anyone! We appreciate and love you! p.s. interview Jimin next and take me to the interview. haha!! 🙂

  35. jo jo ana says:

  36. honey boy says:

  37. artandmusic10 says:

    • artandmusic10 says:

      • Sami says:

        Did you actually read the post or are you just making assumptions from the photo?

      • Caitlyn says:

        Oh for fuck’s sake. Read the tweet, go to the link and read her article and then ask your followup question. her tweet says

        “I guess Asian men aren’t so bad when you want some of their fan base😑”

        Then her article talks about guys like Logan Paul talking trash about Asian men’s penises (WTF?!) and how she wants to teach her little boy not to say things like that and also that anything you say on social media lasts forever.

        This is a serious issue that has been going on for hundreds of years. Actually probably thousands of years. White men love to think they’re superior to Asian men, probably because they are threatened. Go look at the story she wrote about PSY and some of the things white men say about Kpop boys’ looks. One ugly white guy calls them “lady-boys.”

      • Sean says:

        Dude use your brain. The last Asian man Logan took a photo with was BTS. Don’t you get the point? He makes fun of Asian men but when there is a group of famous Asian men he buddies up to them. If there was a current photo of Logan with John Cho or Steven Yuen or Gdragon she would’ve used that photo. Why do you think showing him with BTS is wrong? Do you not get it?

      • Jana says:

        I recall some Army telling Logan how great he was after that photo was circulated so some do indeed give a fuck about him.

  38. BTS_USA_Sheild says:

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  40. missrmoni says:

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  43. F0RVERWErYOUNG says:

  44. ncw307 says:

  45. jaskaran8580 says:

    • MiAh says:

      If you think your tweet helps his cause, it doesn’t. One has nothing to do with the other. He said horrible things about Asians for years. Now he is dating a woman who is half Asian. He’s just another one of those white haters who wants to date the women but make fun of the men. He’s disgusting and your supporting him is disgusting. He wanted his photo taken with BTS because BTS has a bigger fanbase than him and he wanted to ride on their coattails. Do you think he would’ve given them the time of day otherwise? What do you think he REALLY thinks of BTS? He probably went home and joked about them with all his dudebros. His brother is even more disgusting and you support both of them so bye!

    • Lee says:

      And what’s your point? That if someone says hateful things a year ago, that gives them a pass without apologizing or acknowledging that they were wrong and stupid? Why hasn’t he addressed any of this?

  46. bunnyqtpie says:

  47. naemjyoon says:

  48. LCG0215 says:

    • LCG0215 says:

      I have been looking some rumors here and then but I didn’t knew has him, I thought was his brother or something, I’m very disappointed. The thing is that he and the other opportunists that try to pretend liking our boys, you will receive our love at first, but the true Of your real-self will come one sooner than later, and this same ARMY that provided you all support at first, can turn the tables. You will enjoy an instant fame, but quickly you will go from top to more than bottom, karma it’s an ARMY and she will come for you

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