📌New York Times best-selling author Jae-Ha Kim’s “Go Away With …” column provides readers with insight into how and where celebrities like to travel. Kim started writing about celebrities while studying political science at the University of Chicago. After earning her M.S. in journalism from Northwestern University, Kim wrote for Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and Playboy, as well as the Chicago Tribune, the New York Post, the San Francisco Chronicle and USA TODAY.

📌After a stint as the rock music critic for the Chicago Sun-Times, Kim traveled to New Zealand to interview the cast of “The Lord of the Rings,” where she was inspired to create “Go Away With…” Kim wrote the first book about the hit sitcom “Friends” and is a co-editor of several travel books. She has appeared as a pop culture expert on NBC’s “Today,” “Entertainment Tonight,” A&E’s “Biography” and E! Entertainment.

📌Kim got her first passport when she was four years old and hasn’t stopped traveling. She counts Edinburgh, Seoul and Melbourne as some of her favorite cities. Kim lives in the Chicago area with her husband and son.
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I am available for freelance assignments. I have covered all aspects of pop culture as a music critic and reviewer of films, television, theater and videogames. These days, my focus is on travel features and writing reviews of Korean dramas, where I add a cultural perspective to the fictional stories.

📩You may contact me via Facebook here. Or, please use the contact form⤴ above.


📌If you’re a publicist or manager who’d like to have your client featured in “Go Away With …” — my nationally syndicated celebrity travel column — this section is for you! Besides writing about celebrities such as Yo-Yo Ma, Justin Bieber and Idris Elba, I also like to feature well-known entrepreneurs, athletes and authors. The key is, they have to be interesting, well known and enjoy traveling.

📌 Please verify with your client that they are comfortable talking about their travels. Some people just don’t enjoy talking about that aspect of their life, and I respect that. However, misleading them (and me) into doing an interview won’t help get your client placed. I have conducted some interviews where the subjects said, “I don’t really like to travel…” There’s not a lot I can do with that kind of answer, except to kill the story.

📌 If your client has a new album, book or DVD to promote, please mail me his or her CD, DVD/Blu-ray or book prior to the interview. Give me a few days to go over the material. If you would like the product back, include a SASE or a prefilled-in airbill for a prompt return. (📩You may contact me via Facebook here. Or, please use the contact form⤴ above for my office address.)

📌 Because the column runs in multiple outlets, I don’t peg articles to certain cities (i.e. a concert in just one location). If your artist has a national tour or a film that is coming out, let me know when. Also, if your client is the star of a TV series, please let me when the season premiere and finale are, so that I can schedule potential run dates.

📌 And, finally, please do not pitch me unless you can provide the following artwork prior to the interview:

📷 A high resolution jpeg (300 dpi or higher) of your client. No sunglasses, please. We do not pay for these photos, so a promotional head shot works fine. Regardless of what you send us, please make sure that you have the rights to release the photos to us to publish. I don’t have time to contact photographers for you, so I would appreciate it very much if you didn’t ask.

📷 Photo credit for the photographer and his/her affiliation (if there is one). Even if the credit is embedded on the image, you need to state what it is when you submit the photo.

📷 A written statement that the photo(s) you are providing may run online and in print with my column without any compensation from either TCA or myself. An email from you, your client or the photographer is fine. This request is from our legal department, to make sure that what we are running isn’t infringing on the photographer’s copyright. Thank you for understanding.

📩You may contact me via Facebook here. Or, please use the contact form⤴ above.
I write for the Tribune Content Agency (TCA), one of the world’s largest newspaper syndicates. Some of the clients that subscribe to my weekly column include:

📰 Los Angeles Times

📰 Chicago Tribune

📰 Baltimore Sun

📰 Orlando Sentinel

📰 Hartford Courant

📰 Denver Post

📰 Morning Call

📰 Daily Press

📰 Sun Sentinel

📰 Oklahoman

📰 London Free Press

📰 ArcaMax

📰 Where

📰 Toronto Star

📰 MSN Travel

📰 CTNow

📰 San Diego Union-Tribune

📰 Press Reader

📰 Boston Herald
Most of our clients run my column both online (on Tuesdays) and in print (usually within two Sundays after it has released online) in the travel section. However, it is up to their discretion as to when they will publish it.
Unless I gave you a specific run date when we set up the interview, I will not know when it will run until my syndicate informs me.

The best way to get a link to the column is to follow me on social media. When the column goes live, the links are posted on:




Absolutely not! I like to profile athletes, entrepreneurs, authors etc. as well. They key is, they should be well known in their fields.
Unfortunately, I cannot. I do not work for the individual newspapers, but rather the Tribune Content Agency news syndicate. My column runs in numerous outlets. The individual publications do not send me links, hard copies or PDFs.
📷Unfortunately, yes. I am required to provide my syndicate with a high resolution jpeg with each column that I file. A promotional head shot is fine. Please just make sure that you have the rights to release this photo to us. I will also need:

📷The photographer's name, so that we may give him or her the proper photo credit.

📷A short email from you saying that we have permission to run the photo with my column online and in print without compensation. This is to ensure that we are not violating any copyright laws.

Yes, I can, as long as he or she has a phone number within the 50 United States. Unfortunately, my office isn't set up to make outgoing international calls.
I write my "Go Away With ..." column for the Tribune Content Agency -- a news syndicate that releases my work to its subscribers. TCA distributes the column to all the outlets who have paid for it.
The links are correct on my website.

As for the publications that subscribe to my column, this is what I have been told. If there is an underscore ("_") in the artist's username, it may go up incorrectly on the publication's site. The syndicate is aware of this online glitch and will go in manually to correct the error.

August 27, 2010

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