“Wings” — Season Six

By Jae-Ha Kim
March 25, 2008

Set in Nantucket, Wings focuses on a group of people who work at the same small airport and like each other so much (or are so bored) that they are constantly meddling in each other’s business.

The sixth season of the sitcom includes preparations for not one, but two weddings.

Not to be outdone by Joe (Tim Daly) and Helen’s (Crystal Bernard) engagement (finally!), busybody Roy (David Schramm) decides that he, too, wants to get married and sends away for a Russian mail-order bride.

Feeling underappreciated, Fay (Rebecca Schull) quits her job only to regret her decision.

And lovable but doltish Lowell (Thomas Haden Church) decides that the best thing to do with his inheritance money is to operate a wax museum.

With the breakup of Joe’s younger brother Brian (Steven Weber) and helicopter pilot Alex (Farrah Forke), a new romantic interest is brought in: Helen’s sister Casey (Amy Yasbeck).

Cabdriver Antonio (Tony Shalhoub) likes her, too, but he also has developed feelings for a woman who is engaged to his cousin.

This season’s slew of guest stars includes George Plimpton, former Mod Squad lead Peggy Lipton, and Debbie Reynolds as Helen and Casey’s mother.

All 26 episodes from the 1994-1995 season are included in this four-disc set that holds up surprisingly well over time. The chemistry between the ensemble cast is strong and the actors are likable, even when they’re doing unlikeable things (We’re talking about you, Roy!).


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