Fore! Now to the instructional video.

By Jae-Ha Kim
Media Life Magazine
May 17, 2006

If it seems odd for a reality series to air on a golf channel, consider that since its January 1995 launch, the Golf Channel has provided round-the-clock coverage of all things golf. But there are only so many tournaments they can repeat, and even the most ardent fans tire of interviews with Michelle Wie and Tiger Woods.

So why not try a reality series starring amateur players that the average viewer can relate to as they work to improve their game? While past Golf Channel offerings have given tips, this one provides a an actual coach to help the amateurs shape up their game according to their own strengths and weaknesses.

Debuting at 9 tonight, “How Low Can You Go” doesn’t seem to have any ulterior motive other than instructing three amateur golfers as they work to trim their scores.

At a time when shows are loaded with gimmicks and nasty surprises (Your millionaire really is a pauper!), the premise here is so simple it’s actually quite clever. Although viewers won’t benefit from the awesome new clubs being provided to the amateurs, we can all benefit from the free advice the PGA instructors will lavish on them.

While no one would expect this series to take viewers away from “American Idol” or even “Lost,” the latter’s Hurley and Jack — the island’s amateur duffers — might be well advised to pick up a golfing tip or two from the series.

May 17, 2006

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