“Another Cinderella Story”

Another Cinderella Story _

By Jae-Ha Kim
January 13, 2009

Another Cinderella Story adds a few modern day twists to the classic fairy tale on which it is based, and it aims straight for the hearts of 21st century tweens. Selena Gomez (Wizards of Waverly Place) plays Mary, a shy high-school student saddled with a wicked guardian and a pair of mean girls stepsisters.

Her life changes dramatically when a famous pop star enrolls at her school. Joey (Andrew Seeley) is everything the rest of boys in her class aren’thandsome, kind, and desirable.

At a masked dance, Mary and Joey meet and fall in like with each other. But when she has to rush back home, she leaves behind her MP3 player, which becomes the only clue Joey has to find the girl of his dreams.

Gomez, who shows nice range, is well-cast in the ingénue role.

While indeed very dreamy, Seeley is a tad too old to play Gomez’s boyfriend.

Another Cinderella Story isn’t the best-made Cinderella story. Drew Barrymore’s Ever After was more clever. And the 1965 adaptation of Cinderella starring Lesley Ann Warren still stands up to time.

But with its young cast and energetic choreography, Another Cinderella Story is a perfect fairytale for the tween and young teen set.


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