“Best of Friends” by Jae-Ha Kim

By Matthew Rettenmund

Do you know who accidentally told Ross the sex of his unborn child? Do you know what floor Monica and Chandler live on?

If you know these answers, you could try out for Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.

If you have no idea what TV show they’re related to, you should ask your captors to let you have a portable set.

If you’re dying to know the answers, you’re going to live for Best of Friends: The Unofficial Friends Companion (HarperPerennial) by Jae-Ha Kim.

In just 128 pages, this juicy paperback springs so much Friends trivia on you you’ll be lousy with the stuff. The factoids come atcha in the form of quizzes, early-years  episode recaps and even photo captions.

Author Kim, a Chicago music journalist, exposes her obsession with NBC’s last true “must-see” TV hit, at the same time drawing out our own obsessions.

Whether Mon is your bag, Phoebs floats your boat or the wit and wisdom of Joey has you rolling on the floor, Kim carefully balances her info to include every “Friend” indeed.

The photographs provide great visuals for certain episodes, and also give sneak peeks into the real-life exploits of Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry.

Friends, which was voted fave sitcom of the millennium in a recent Entertainment Tonight poll, couldn’t ask for a better tribute.

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  1. Harry Camble says:

    Hi, in amazon your book told to be released in september 1995., but here august, 2010. Which is the right one? Or they are different?

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