The Boy Scouts

Our local Boy Scout troop could’ve had an opportunity to learn that there are repercussions to their actions; and that sometimes, the worst action is in pretending that it never happened. Instead, they learned that if they deny something enough, they can get away with being cruel to youngsters and disrespecting members of their community.

A simple and delicious dinner

One of the things I really love about the onset of Fall is making dinners in the oven. Tonight’s meal was simple, rustic and delicious. Served this with some rice. For dessert, we had strawberries. So good!

Americans use the Internet to abandon children adopted from overseas

EVERYONE needs to read this. It’s a Reuters investigation on child traffickers. It is one of the most sickening and disgusting things I have ever read. There are forums on the internet (including Facebook) where “parents” (and I use that term loosely) can give away their adopted children for being inconvenient/not what they signed up for/harder to raise than they anticipated. There is no vetting system. They just freaking give the kids away to ANYONE, including pedophiles and sadists.

Tomato tarte

I don’t really know what a tomato tarte is. I’ve never eaten one before, and I’ve never made one, either. But the other night, I had nothing ready for dinner. We had been planning on going out to eat. But then my husband had to stay at work longer than anticipated; I was sick (literally — thank you, allergies!) and tired of eating leftovers; and I had a small child who was (rightfully) complaining that he was hungry.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yes, I know this. But, I am not a breakfast fan. I don’t usually like to eat in the morning. I’d much rather drink a cup of coffee or tea (or even a glass of water) and call it good.

Was Miley Cyrus really that offensive?

I thought that all the hoopla surrounding Miley Cyrus’ performance with Robin Thicke on this past weekend’s Video Music Awards would’ve died down by now. But, it hasn’t. And while there has been some fantastic commentary about the meaning of their performance (as it relates to sexism and racism), I was disappointed to see that the majority of comments boiled down to this: Miley Cyrus is a little slut with a flabby rearend.

Why I write about the past

Someone privately messaged me and asked why I wrote so much about things that had happened in the past. Do I write about it so much? I’ve been writing professionally for the past three decades and I’d estimate that my pieces surrounding race issues encompass less than 1% of everything I’ve ever written.

Summer meals and memories

This has been our go-to dinner as of late. And so much of it is from our garden. We had a delicious caprese salad with our homegrown tomatoes (nothing like them!) and basil, fresh mozzarella and my balsamic vinegarette drizzled on top. The kid and I made pizza dough in our bread machine, and it tastes so much better than the dough we used to buy from Trader Joe’s.

Konnichiwa and death threats

A while ago, I used to do segments on a local radio station. It was a popular show with a host who was vaguely shock jockish. We got along fine, and it was a good forum to promote the newspaper I worked for. One day, they called me at work and put me on the air live to tell them about some of the music acts coming to town that weekend. They kept me on the line as they began another segment, in which they called a bunch of establishments that were operated by Asian Americans — dry cleaners, Chinese restaurants etc. I would soon find out that the sole purpose of these calls was to make fun of the people speaking accented English.

The kid’s got style

Months before Kyle joined our family, I began putting together his wardrobe. Thanks to a friend who worked at Baby Gap and clued me in on the store’s upcoming sales, I was able to stock up on a nice array of clothes without spending too much money. It’s hard to believe, though, that my days of shopping at Baby Gap are numbered. Kyle is 5 now, and my guess is this is the last year he’ll be able to fit in their clothes.

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