North Face: These boots were made for walking

I love boots. Besides providing warmth and traction, they also cover up a multitude of sins, such as cankles, unflattering pants and general slovenliness. And not that I’m into cosplay — because I’m not (not that there’s anything wrong with it) — but when I wear boots, I feel spritely. Like an elf. Not the Will Ferrell kind of elf, but the Legolas/Galadriel kind. Anyone else? No? Just me? Alrighty then… Moving on.

The kid’s got style

Months before Kyle joined our family, I began putting together his wardrobe. Thanks to a friend who worked at Baby Gap and clued me in on the store’s upcoming sales, I was able to stock up on a nice array of clothes without spending too much money. It’s hard to believe, though, that my days of shopping at Baby Gap are numbered. Kyle is 5 now, and my guess is this is the last year he’ll be able to fit in their clothes.

Go Away With … Amsale Aberra

Fashion designer Amsale Aberra — known professionally simply as Amsale — is synonymous with upscale wedding gowns that can cost brides $75,000. Aberra stars in the WE tv reality series “Amsale Girls,” which focuses on the brides who frequent her New York boutique and the women who help them pick out their fantasy dresses.

Go Away With … Julie Henderson

Julie Henderson loves the beach, whether she’s on vacation or shooting a layout for Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue. “I’m such a sunshine, beach and water type of girl,” says the 23-year-old model. She’s making her fourth appearance in the magazine this year. “I’ll always take a beach over somewhere else.”

Go Away With … Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff, whose line of handbags is a favorite with A-list celebrities, says though she enjoys a nice hotel with a luxurious spa, it’s also fun to “rough it a bit and carry everything you need on your back.” Though she could easily create a chic knapsack for herself, Minkoff says her practical side uses her Samsonite backpack, which she admits should work well for her for a few more trips.

Lori Petty’s shirts shout truth and beauty

Lawd knows Lori Petty’s a busy woman. She’s an actress, painter, director and writer. But that hasn’t stopped the quirky actress from adding designer to her list of credits. Best known for her work in “A League of Their Own” and “Point Break,” Petty has a year-old line of casual wear called Lawd Knows that reflects her inspirational side.

Michael Phelps: Olympians’ swimwear works in water and with the ladies

Michael Phelps may not have matched Mark Spitz’s record seven gold medals, but the Olympic swimmer has him beat hands-down when it comes to style. The 19-year-old — who won six gold and two bronze medals at last month’s Olympic games in Athens — set tongues wagging when he competed in Speedos that rode down so low on his hips they made Britney Spears’ outfits seem demure by comparison.

Sizing up the marketplace

If you want to know why it takes a woman so long to get dressed, try going shopping with her. Aesthetics aside, women have to deal with sizes that make no sense. Welcome to the wacky world of women’s clothes, where more has become less when it comes to sizes.

Thin may be in, but there’s a limit to how low ideal weights can go

I recently saw a display of vintage mannequins from the turn of the century that shocked me. They were life-size and wearing dresses equivalent to a Size 10 or 12. Fast-forward to a shopping trip to a downtown Chicago department store where the mannequins were roughly the shape of your 12-year-old nephew.

The right to bare arms

Think Madonna’s got arms to die for? Well don’t die, sweetie. Exercise! The diva credits her awesome biceps to yoga. She loves it so much that she even wrote a song (“Shanti/Ashtangi”) based around a chant she used while doing yoga.But some of us would rather pull our teeth out than strike a yoga pose.

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