Steal away for big fun with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

You are Tommy Vercetti. Never mind that you look like the love child of Don Johnson and Steven Seagal and sound like Ray Liotta (who voices the character). Life seems like it’s going to improve 10-fold. You’ve just been released from the joint after having served a 15-year stint.

Players get kicks from World Cup

Who says Americans are done playing soccer? Whether you’ve just discovered the sport or are a lifelong fan, there are plenty of video games to help you get your fix–even after the final World Cup match on Sunday. Here’s a look at some of the more colorful titles.

Xbox vs. GameCube

Britney Spears could shimmy into the Northwest Side den where seven teenage boys are hanging and they probably wouldn’t notice. Not with the shiny new Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft Xbox within playing vicinity.

Sony launches PlayStation 2

One out of every four homes in North America has a first-generation PlayStation. And it looks like a good chunk of those households are jonesing to get their hands on the new version of game console. PS2, which doubles as an entertainment center (it can play audio CDs and DVDs), promises mind-blowing graphics and sound.