Accents redux

I was embarrassed, and I wanted to tell her that I have spent almost all of my life in the United States, and that I have been fighting an uphill battle to retain my Korean language skills. That I was encouraged by my parents and teachers to speak only English, so that I could assimilate better. But that once I became fluent in English, my Korean all but disappeared.

Go Away With … David Tutera

After making a name for himself on WE tv’s “My Fair Wedding,” celebrity wedding planner David Tutera’s back with another reality series on the cable network: “David Tutera: Unveiled.” An avid traveler, Tutera says, “My travels have always been an inspiration for my business. It opens my mind up to designs, culture and food. Travel allows me to see how other people live. I find all of the vast diversity in even our own country fascinating. The things I’ve seen and the people I’ve met have truly expanded my design capabilities and permeate every aspect of my career.”