“Bones” — Season 5

At first glance, “Bones” is a solid crime procedural. But as the series enters its fifth season, it’s clear that “Bones” really works as a romantic drama as well. Not romantic in the mushy sense, but in a way that makes viewers’ hearts skip a beat (from joy at seeing a good coupling, not from the shock of all the gory bodies being discovered, examined, and dissected).

Go Away With … Bruno Coulais

French composer Bruno Coulais is used to helping convey a film’s tone with his music. But for “Babies” — which focuses on four tiny, chubby and (for a while) bald stars — the 56-year-old Parisian, best known for the 2009 stop-motion film “Coraline,” had his work cut out for him. The documentary features no dialogue from its main stars, so Coulais’ compositions at times have to speak for the infants. “Babies” is now available on DVD.