Go Away With … Annie Wersching

As FBI agent Renee Walker on Fox’s hit series “24,” Annie Wersching is a formidable partner for Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland). As tough as he is and just as smart — if not even more cunning — Renee is a girl’s girl that every man wants. Wersching says her television counterpart is a lot more skilled than she is in most things, but she says there is no way Renee could out dance her. Wersching was in a Celtic step-dancing troupe for more than 14 years and returns to her hometown of St. Louis every year for St. Patrick’s Day to watch Irish dancing.

“Ashes of Time Redux”

By Jae-Ha Kim Amazon.com March 3, 2009 A complicated, sparse, and beautiful film, Ashes of Time Redux is the slightly tweaked version of Wong Kar Wai’s 1994 film. Like some of his other work, the movie borrows a few characters from novelist Louis Cha, but the film is definitely classic Wong. Ou-yan (Leslie Cheung) is […]