“Silver Spoons”

Back in 1982, it was perfectly fine to refer to the 12-year-old star of “Silver Spoons” as Ricky Schroder. It wouldn’t be until his young adult years, when he went on to star in such projects as “Lonesome Dove,” “24,” and “NYPD Blue” that Schroder would try to distance himself from the sitcom that made him a household name and replace Ricky with Rick.

“Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael”

Blondie’s Deborah Harry has said that as a little girl, she had hoped Marilyn Monroe was her mother. The fantasy of having a celebrity parent is not lost on 15-year-old Dinky Bossetti (Winona Ryder), who is positive that the glamorous Roxy Carmichael is indeed her birth mother.

June 6, 2007

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Looking over one of the unhappy children in his charge, Tripper says, “You must be the short, depressed kid we ordered.”