April 29, 2006

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“Rescue Me” — The Complete Second Season

Rescue Me is a wake up call for every man who (as a kid) dreamed about becoming a fireman and every woman who fantasized about being with one. As flawed and complicated as they are selfless and heroic, the fire fighters in this FX series are a compelling lot. They deal with infidelity, drug addiction, and sexual abuse on a daily basis and make it seem like old hat. But the characters are so well thought out that they almost always make viewers care about what’s developing in their lives. This second season surpasses the debut year in terms of story lines and pacing.

“These Girls”

Being the object of three teenage girls’ affections may be some men’s secret fantasy, but Keith Clark (David Boreanaz) finds it’s more than he can handle–or live up to–in These Girls. Keith is the type of guy who doesn’t work, but needs a babysitter to look after his infant when his wife is working. He and the 17-year-old sitter begin an affair, which goes smoothly until her two best friends catch her in the act. Literally.