Gallery season truly something to behold

Today marks the opening of Chicago’s Fall gallery season. Whether you’re a serious art buyer or a simply a looky-loo like each of us, there’s surely something for everyone at this weekend’s openings. Paintings, sculptures, photography–it’s all covered here. We’ve even got the 411 on a 3-D computer project. You can’t beat the price–it costs nothing to look. Then, too, there’s the bonus of chatting up the artists. Many will be on hand at the openings of their new exhibits.

Game Zone: NCAA Football 2004, TRON 2.0

Between Madden and EA Sports’ football game franchises, is there really a need for competitors to even bother? This game rocks. The game controls are the same as before, but the game play is stronger, faster and better.

F-Zero GX

Are you feeling the need for speed? If your learning curve is fast and your patience is long, the latest in Nintendo’s racing franchise may win you over.