The Moffatts at the House of Blues

If it looks like Hanson and sounds like Hanson – but it’s not – then it must be the Moffatts, who headlined a show Wednesday night at the House of Blues. Think of cloned, Canadian cuties and you can visualize the Moffatts.

The end of the innocence

As a child, director Mike Figgis was fat. One day in gym class, as a way to “encourage” him to lose weight, his teacher ordered Figgis to strip down to his boxer shorts and run through the gymnasium while his classmates swatted away at him. That cruel memory is poignantly re-created in Figgis’ latest film, “The Loss of Sexual Innocence,” which opens Friday at the Music Box Theatre. “I was so ashamed of what happened that I didn’t even tell my parents,” said Figgis.